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Botanical Facials

Your journey to clearer, hydrated, firmer and more youthful skin starts now! Finding the right regimen for your specific skin condition is tougher to find when you don't know where to look. Now that there are so many avenues for "influencers" to put a little buzz in your ear about a product, it's tough to distinguish which is right for you. Having been licensed as an Aesthetician for 10+ years, customizing a skin regime and products suited for your specific skin is my goal. 

Elevated Treatments

Advanced skin care treatments are an amazing journey for the client that is looking for a more than average treatment. Immediate long-lasting results that will start the skin on the path to the collagen building blocks we thrive for post our 20's. Each treatment is customized to give the most out of one or more treatments. These treatments are best when compiled as a series to gain the most for your skin regime. 


Pro-Aging Treatments

Collagen Induction Therapy, or CIT, utilizes micro surgical titanium steel needles to penetrate the skin creating micro-openings in the top layer of the skin, thus stimulating the lower layers to produce more collagen and elastin without major damage or pain. Just as you have to stress muscle fibers to build more muscle, this stress on the lower layers of skin will stimulate the body to self-repair with more structural support.


Lashes for Everyday

Have you ever wondered what you looked like with a fuller lash line or thought of how much easier your morning routine could be without the " putting on your face" step? Lash extensions or a lash lift could help skip that step. Lash extensions are an easy addition to your morning routine by adding that extra detail on your look.  My "woke up like this" method of application allows you to look like yourself without the added weight on your lashes. Putting lash health in the forefront of my services, every client will get the best set applied for their lashes. Many clients compliment the fact that they don't feel like they are wearing strip lashes or that the lashes take over their face. Lash extensions should complement the eye and face shape. A lash consultation is the best step in your journey to adding this service to your daily routine. 

Hair Free Carefree

My " client led" approach for every appointment is the best option. I let every client know that your comfort and pace for your hair removal service is of the utmost importance to reach expectations. 

Being able to offer multiple natural options for your hair removal, allows me to customize your service to minimize any discomfort and uphold the skins integrity for the best results. 

I offer: Moonston Vegan soft strip wax and Spellbound hard wax, and Cold sugaring hand method.  

Each option is best on all skin types. Low/no heat. Minimal discomfort. 


Relaxing from Head to Toes

Relax, unwind and rejuvenate with our massage service. I am trained to manipulate the fascia to release tension, leaving you feeling completely refreshed. Schedule an appointment today and let me melt away your stress.

Pedicure 2 ways

In my suite, I offer pedicure services that are anything but traditional. I use advanced techniques to remove calluses, massage tired feet, and perfectly polish your nails. Enhance your experience with one of my special add-ons, such as aromatherapy or a luxurious foot mask.

Image by Samuel Austin
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