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The Suite

Treat yourself to a luxurious experience at Aesthetically Suite! Feel relaxed and rejuvenated with my range of spa treatments designed to address your skincare needs, enhance your lashes, soothe your body and calm your soul. Let me help you discover the perfect indulgence today.

Hi I'm Desiree`


Taking time for yourself while trying to balance a hectic everchanging schedule is tough for even the most organized.  The balancing act of kids, work, home, schoolwork, errands, multiple appointments (not just for yourself) and maintaining a small percent of sanity is something we can all relate to. Paying attention to your "self-care" and putting yourself first can sometimes feel like a " Guilty pleasure." It should feel like a much-needed vacation and luxurious trip to relaxation.  Looking at a "spa day" as a luxury is the tunnel vision society has led us to believe.

Spa days included with subtle extra touches, customized skincare and massage services, "client led" hair removal service, a natural "woke up like this" lash extension approach and, a calm energy and atmosphere is the goal and necessity at Aesthetically Suite formerly One Woman Spa. 

Being a mother of 2 boys and embarking on the 4th year of our amazing journey of homeschooling, making time for myself and making sure my clients also follow through is my motto. 10+ years has led me down so many paths that catering to all clients with sensitivities, allergies and reactive skin, finding the best balance for low maintenance morning routines and channeling the right energy to conquer your day is my niche. 

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