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Getting prepared

Your comfort is top priority at Aesthetically Suite. Striving to make sure every appointment is better than expected. Very proud of my "Bedside Manner".  Every client has boasted about how they feel so welcomed and put at ease with my customer service.

All new clients receive a "New Client Welcome" gift and a handwritten note from me. Returning clients are showered throughout the year with "Client Appreciation" gifts and special offers.  

Services are customized for each individual client. No one gets the same service. 

Before, During & After Your Appointment

Setting the expectations of each appointment starts with:

1. Booking your appointment

2. Reading through the following expectations

3.Completing the appropriate intake forms for your chosen service/s

4. Completing the policy and procedure contract sent via email 


24 hours advanced notice is required for any cancellations/alterations of your appointments.

A 15-minute grace period is given, if time allows; appointments can resume but will be shortened. FULL payment is still due. 

Please read carefully:

 50% nonrefundable fee is applied if:

(Will be used as a credit to a rescheduled appointment; voided if canceled)

  1. Same day cancelation

  2. Modifications AT your appointment (i.e., booking multiple services and not receiving all booked) without prior notice. Appointments not received will have 50% applied.​ 

  3. Sickness is excused; however, proper notice is appreciated. 

 75% Nonrefundable fee will be applied if:

  1. No show/No call

  2. No future appointments will be booked without 20% nonrefundable deposit. 20% Deposit will be applied to future appointment. (Voided if canceled)


Just so you know:

  1. Photos are taken for marketing purposes.

  2. Kids are not allowed without proper supervision. Any damages will be made whole by appointment holder. 

  3. Minor services must be accompanied by an adult (12-17)

  4. 6"+ of snow or dangerous conditions will reschedule appointments indefinitely. 

  5. Masks are optional.

Skincare treatments

When you've booked your appointment, your next step is completing your Skin care intake form. A thorough background of your skin care routine, medical history, diet habits and your outlook for your skin is the best way to start a treatment regime. 

Send photos of the current skin care products so we can go over ingredients and appropriateness for your specific skin concerns. 

Discontinue use of any proactive products well over 2 weeks prior to receiving a nonmodified treatment.

Notify me of any Botox, fillers or permanent makeup at least 72 hours prior to your appointment to modify your treatment appropriately. 

Microblading is prohibited from facial treatments for the recommended time of your tech. 

Correcting skin concerns take time, commitment, and patience. Anti-aging and impaired skin barriers have a quick result after the first few treatments. Acne and hyperpigmentation will take several appointments to see significant changes. Homecare as well as in suite treatments will show changes over time. (It didn't develop overnight; results will happen as gradually as it came.)

If you're using proactive/Accutane/Dermatologist prescribed ​acne treatments, facial services can still be performed but will be modified. 

Extractions are not the most comfortable, but necessary. If they're becoming too uncomfortable, they can be removed at each session rather than all at once.  

Collagen Induction Therapy

Enhancing your skin as a "Glow Getter", is the easiest decision for your skin. Added hydration, collagen, smoother texture, amazing glow and brighter skin is a must. After you complete your CIT intake form (Completed at the 1st treatment), book your pre session appointment via zoom or in suite to go over expectations and information on your intake.  ​Your one step closer to rejuvenated skin. Please head over to the "Get Glowing" page for more information about the service. 

Hair Removal

After deciding to grow your hair out: 

Your next step is completing your Hair removal intake form 

Make sure you do not trim your hair prior to your appointment

Hair should be at least 1/4 in long (long grain rice)

Nervousness is normal for intimate waxing. Just know, we go at your pace. 

All hair removal systems are vegan and cruelty free.

I offer soft wax (removed with a strip), hard wax (removed without a strip), sugaring (removed by hand) and threading (chin and lip only)

Pain level is low for all systems I use. Hair removal is uncomfortable but not painless. Hair is removed from the root thus resulting in a quick discomfort. 

Exfoliate prior to your appointment and 48 hours post treatment. Lukewarm showers/baths post treatment. No hot tubs, saunas, pools, sex, extraneous activities or chemical exfoliants post treatment.  

Histamine reactions are quite common. It is an immediate response that may last a few hours to a day. I have never seen a reaction last longer than a day. They are small, raised bumps at the removal site. They may be slightly itchy. Try not to scratch or irritate them. Cool compress and anti-itch ointment may help. *

Discontinue use of any retinols/retinoids/skin lighteners/chemical exfoliants 72 prior to any facial waxing. 

If you're using a baking soda-based deodorant, I would discontinue use prior to underarm waxing. Can cause a chemical reaction and/or lifting of the skin causing hyperpigmentation. 

Lash extensions

To ensure the best application of lashes for you, I have prided myself at maintaining the health of your lashes and creating sets that correspond with your lifestyle. Rushing through your set/appointment or "beating the clock" is not my style. Allocating the appropriate amount of time for your lash set is my top priority. Ensuring each lash is lashed, using the proper amount of adhesive, properly cleansing the natural lashes prior to starting any set, choosing professional/medical grade adhesives and professional lashes to complete your set, using clean and sterilized tweezers and maintaining the proper amount of weight and style for your eyes is my style. To have the best appointment please follow these easy steps: 

Complete your Lash extension intake form

Make sure you have on comfortable unconstricting clothing. 

Use the restroom prior to your appointment.

No coffee or caffeinated beverages prior to your appointment. 

Remove contacts prior to appointment. 

Arrive with a clean face and makeup free. **

Turn your phone on vibrate to fully relax.

Clean your lashes with the appropriate lash cleanser provided. Should be cleansed daily to ensure the longevity of your extensions and keep bacteria/dirt/oils from accumulating. 

Schedule a consultation to help figure out if lash extensions are you as well as any reactions to the adhesive. 

Refrain from using oil-based products with your extensions. 

Sweating can cause retention issues if not cleansed properly. 

Free naps included with each appointment. 

Massage ​

After you've booked your massage appointment, complete your massage intake form. Massage is best when you have had less than a cup of coffee, left all of your "to-do" list at home and ready drift into your bliss. My approach for massage is to let your muscles do the work for me. The energy that radiates through your muscle fibers are amazingly intuitive. Having gone to an energy-based school, I utilize that into every massage. Your comfort is of the utmost importance to me and my suite. Your massage is all at your pace. 

*I cannot diagnose or prescribe any OTC remedies

**Makeup removal is an additional charge as it takes extra time away from your appointment

Lash Lifts

Lash lift and tinting is an amazing service that gives even the sparsest lashes life. A lash lift is a gentle perm solution applied to the shaft of the lashes. Giving your lashes semipermanent curl and lift for up to 6-8 weeks. 

The first steps to starting your mascara free journey is to complete your Lash lift and tint intake form.  Then booking your appointment, choosing the best package for you. I always set my clients up for success when they leave my suite. With each package you are sent off with an at home kit to give your lashes the best love. 

Discontinue use of any waterproof/water resistant mascara no less than 2 weeks prior to your appointment as this will leave a barrier on the lashes and the solution will not work properly. 

No water/ steam for the first 24 hours post treatment

Do not rub or pull at your lashes

Try to sleep on your back*

Oil based products are not recommended after a lash lift. 

Mascara can be used post lift. My faves are Tarte Manearter + Lights, Camera, Lashes mascara, Great lash mascara and Kat VonD Go Big or Go Home mascara (all of these options are vegan, non-waterproof and water based)

In the ultra-package, my favorite and most result driven natural lash serum is included. With consistent use 2x a day, results can be achieved in 2 weeks. No discoloration of the lash line was observed. 

*My pillow suggestion would be a cervical pillow.  Keeps your head in perfect alignment for side/back sleeping without crushing your lashes. 

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